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Cindy Ng: Go With the Time
Dec, 2022 - Feb, 2023
Tanko, Beijing, China
“Go With the Time” by artist Cindy Ng is exhibited at Tanko, Beijing from December 31, 2022. Cindy Ng, who is ink artist and digital artist, uses image and digital generation techniques to present the rhythm of ink flowing. She believes that the seemingly flowing natural landscapes in ink images can evoke the delicate and rich memories of the audience. This time, she and her team created a spiritual healing journey for the audiences in this quiet winter valley. The work “Go With the Time" allows the audiences to experience the colors of the four seasons and the rhythm of time passing in an immersive way in one hour. At the same time, the exhibition also feature eight interactive video performances from "Mirror - 24 Relationships", which is a creative story and video performance based on the interaction between the artist and the audiences. The audiences can see the stories and creative process from 8 groups of relationship. When we immerse ourselves in the light and shadow, it's like looking at a mirror, and through appreciation, we can think about nature, have a dialogue with ourselves, and use art to heal our heart.