Neal Space > Krista Kim | CONTINUUM: A New Dawn
Krista Kim | CONTINUUM: A New Dawn
Dec 15th, 2022 - Feb 15th, 2023
C Future City, Shenzhen, China
Neal Space and C Future Lab are horned to announce "CONTINUUM: A New Dawn"—— a largescale world tour exhibition created by artist Krista Kim as the inaugurate exhibition of the one-year public digital art project, was presented in C Future City, Shenzhen from Dec 15th, 2022 to Jan 15th, 2023. It is a global art campaign that promotes wellness and community around the world. These pieces are made in collaboration with Efrén Mur and electronic duo Ligovskoï. Since 2018, "CONTINUUM" has exhibited in multiple major places around the world, including: Palais de Tokyo(Paris), Fork York(Toronto), Art Basel(Miami), Time Square(NYC), and Milan, etc.
Hoping to shift audiences into a state of positive digital consciousness, "CONTINUUM: A New Dawn" is made by a massive database and dynamic software to produce the vibrant colourspaces, which is intended to present the audiences with immersive experiences that has a profound effect of calm, well-being and meditativeness. Numerous scientific studies have proven the social, psychological, and health benefits of meditation. In recent years, the outbreak of epidemic and the threat of war have all caused anxiety among human beings. At this time, meditation and mindfulness are essential to ourselves and our communities. Krista believes that light and darkness are always the irresistible forces in the universe, as the constructor of Metaverse, she hopes to build a world with safety, a world where philosophy and civilization can be promoted in order to restore balance within ourselves and our communities. Right now, human beings are in a crucial period of technological innovation, she sees art and technology as companions meeting the next wave of human expression – digital humanism. She encourages artists to promote digital humanism in the formation of culture, and contribute to it in order to preserve our humanity.