Neal Space
Neal Space is a digital art platform founded by Neal Digital, dedicated to creating a sustainable ecosystem for digital artists, and amplifying the positive impact that the NFT art community can bring to the world. We hope to focus on high quality digital creations persistently by curating exhibitions on interdisciplinary and meaningful topics, to better respond to the new questions that the digital world throws at human society, establishing multiple connections between the physical and digital world, as well as cross-cultural dialogues among digital artists globally. Neal Space's online space will continue to cooperate with SuperRare, while Neal Space's platform based on China's consortium chain will also be launched in the near future.
Cindy Ng: Go With the Time
Dec, 2022 - Feb, 2023
Tanko, Beijing, China
Krista Kim | CONTINUUM: A New Dawn
Dec 15th, 2022 - Feb 15th, 2023
C Future City, Shenzhen, China
Art in Transformation
May, 2022
SuperRare Neal Space
Bit Has Memories
Aug 8th, 2021 - Aug 13th, 2021
Binance Premium Section
Infinite Games: I. Impossible Improvisation
Nov 11th, 2022 - Nov 13th, 2022
Westbund Art & Design, Shanghai, China