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Onyro (Anthony Kyriazis) is an Athens-based 3d abstract organic artist creating his imaginary world called “Organica” which is intended to become an experiential destination within the metaverse. His 23 years of experience working within leading and ownership roles at Digital Agencies across London, NY, and Athens have led him to create multi-award-winning platforms, campaigns & experiences for some of the biggest brands globally. Onyro entered the NFT space in early October 2020 and was quickly ranked in the KO Hall of Fame. His art is unique, colorful, and blissful, creating dreamlike environments ever since his early days in 2000 as one of the pioneers of the emotional abstract 3d art movement. His art has been exhibited at KnownOrigin Digital Natives, NFT Liverpool, and Contemporary Calgary.
Onyro, OnySpherica, mp4, 2022, ©Onyro