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Algorithmic artist, crypto artist, engineer of computer graphics. She graduated from the Institute of Computing Technology, the Chinese Academy of Sciences. She has worked as an R&D engineer for China Film Group and a partner of a VR and AR entrepreneurial firm. At the beginning of 2020, she began her journey of crypto art and entered Makersplace in August 2020. She is one of the earliest crypto artists in China. Her generative project Through the Window was released on Art Blocks on November 24, 2021. She is the first Chinese mainland crypto artist who issued artwork on Art Blocks. In 2021, seven crypto artworks of hers were auctioned in the Poly and Yongle auction house in China, and all of them were sold. She has collaborated with the well-known animation series IP Ling Cage as a crossover artist for Ling Cage’s NFT collection. She has taught courses on topics of crypto art and the Metaverse in the department of open media, China Academy of Art and lectured on blockchain art in the Sino-French Institute of Art and Design Management, China Central Academy of Fine Arts. She has established the MAA community of Crypto Art Mutual Aid Association with native crypto artists in China and is the founder of WeirDAO, a decentralized organization for independent crypto artists.
REVA, 5-hydroxytryptamine, 2021, ©️ REVA