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Stephan Duquesnoy his work is easily recognizable due to his unique combination of romantic aesthetics with hints of classical sentiment and melancholy. To create his work, Stephan uses an unique mixture of craftsmanship in combination with custom-made procedural tools. His works often feature lush ornaments and flowers in combination with strong feminine characters. Both his compositional elements and work philosophy are heavily inspired by the pre-raphaelite brotherhood painters. Stephan started his career in IT, but soon made the switch to designing art for games. After his graduation he worked in a variety of roles from game concept-artist to ai-programming, while always maintaining a position at the University of Arts Utrecht as a lecturer who focuses primarily on digital art. With work dating back to December 2020, Stephan entered the NFT space early. Throughout 2021 and 2022 he has gained recognition for his work in both the NFT crypto space and the traditional art world.
Stephan Duquesnoy, Flowers-Viola, 2021 © Stephan Duquesnoy