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Art in Transformation
May, 2022
SuperRare Neal Space
"Art in Transformation" is the first curatorial project initiated by Neal Space, a global digital art community, featuring works by digital artists from different cultural backgrounds around the world. The project focuses on discussing the changes in creative language driven by digitalization, and posits that as technology and art continue to merge, new ways of viewing, thinking, and understanding identity are constantly being constructed and iterated. The exhibition will showcase works created using a variety of new technology languages, including algorithm generation, data visualization, AI training, modeling and rendering, digital painting, and VR. Neal Space will regularly release a series of curatorial propositions and invite the artist community to participate in voting to select exhibition themes of common interest. Art in Transformation will be launched on SuperRare Neal Space, and will also be exhibited during the 2022 Beijing Contemporary Art Fair. Over 300 digital artists submitted their works, and 26 representative digital artists and their works were ultimately selected, including Alan Bolton (Ireland), Camibus (USA), BYC aka Marc Whitelaw (South Africa), Stephan Duquesnoy, Emma Elias, Mia Forrest, hhs (China), Hannes Hummel (Germany), Icki (UK), Mark Constantine Inducil, Per Jonsson (Sweden), Kristian Levin aka NoCreative (Denmark), MOses Li (China), David Lisser (UK), Jahan Loh (Singapore), Marcel(Russia), Noizebloc(Spain),Onyro(Greece), Jenni Pasanen, Nikolina Petolas(Croatia), Ude Prince, F. H. Rowell, Kaiwan Shaban(Iraq), Shavonn Wong(Singapore), Ben Thomas(UK), Anosha Zanjani.