How to become a guest curator on Neal Space

As a leading player in the digital art community, Neal Space is excited to offer an opportunity for influencers in digital art space to become a guest curator at our physical spaces in China. The exhibition will feature digital artworks from the community, and will be promoted on social medias. The guest curators will have the opportunity to shape their own theme for the exhibition, and help artists establish their reputations by introducing them to China. 


In order to qualify as a guest curator, the candidate must have a strong presence in the digital art community. They should have a keen eye for curation and be able to come up with a unique theme and preface for the exhibition.

Responsibilities for a guest curator:

1) Come up with a curation theme and a preface for the exhibition.

2) Create an exhibition poster that effectively communicates the theme of the exhibition.

3) Start community events to call for submissions from artists.

4) Promote the exhibition on your social media platforms and encourage your followers to participate. 

@Ellen will help with the curation process, and launch the exhibition in different scenes accordingly, including Public Digital Museum: C Future City, Cathy View Art Zone, SuperRare Neal Space, etc. If you are interested in becoming a guest curator, please send a curation proposal (use the proposal template below) to And we will get back to you if it’s eligible. 

Neal Space Guest Curator Proposal Template

1) Curator name:

2) Name and email of primary contact:

3) Twitter Handle:

4) Short bio of you:

5) Curation Theme:

6) Curation Preface:

7) Describe how you want to organize this exhibition (Type of art you will focus on/Curation rules/What community events you want to organize/etc)

8) Describe your experiences on organizing exhibitions and networking:

9) What’s your timeline of action plan:

10) Highlights you would like to realize in the exhibition: