Art Fairs > Infinite Games: I. Impossible Improvisation
Infinite Games: I. Impossible Improvisation
Nov 11th, 2022 - Nov 13th, 2022
Westbund Art & Design, Shanghai, China
"Infinite Games” series is co-curated by curators Chen Baoyang and Emma Chen, and is specially exhibited in the Perspective unit of the 2022 Westbund Art & Design. The exhibition, titled "Infinite Game: I. Impossible Improvisation," takes games, a highly representative behavior and mechanism in human society, as a starting point to explore the boundaries of rules and order. We are always playing with limited time and resources, and when faced with new problems and challenges, someone always tries to look beyond the established rules and push things forward, entering the next chapter of the infinite game. Impossible improvisation promises change from standardization, but also seems to stand on the wall of rules, reveling in the pleasure of swaying freely between obedience and defiance. This special exhibition presents the works of 34 digital artists from 8 teams in the form of screens, including Li Jiatong & Li Tingran & Dong Sirui (China), Chen Jiazi & Lin Yuke & Wang Jiaping & Zhou Yihan (China), Chen Yishan & Yao Shunyi & Peng Huilong & Xu Jianing & Liu Di'an (China), Wang Xinyue & Chen Yuel & Zou Nan & Zhao Siyu & Cao Xiaowen (China), Xin Yetong (China), Sun Dongyi & Pan Haonan & Wang Mingyao & Ding Shiming & Ye Yixing & Chen Xinyu & Zhang Yuyan & Zhang Zhenyuan & Zhou Jing & Su Tingyu & Huang Zi & Wang Shiqi & Ma Shuangze (China), DaDa (Da Qiuyan, China), ZZYW (Qi Zhenzhen & Wang Yang, China). While exploring digital creation, the artists also show how digital language can be used to rebuild certain ecologies and rules, and the infinite possibilities between reconstruction and interpretation.